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Zoom ratioFocal lengthAperture rangeNearest object distance
Single-focus lens
Zoom lens
6x - - 0.06m
1.5xAttached lens x 1.5Attached lens x 1.5Same as attached lens
2xAttached lens x 2Attached lens x 2Same as attached lens

High extensibility and low cost with support for C-mount lenses

PLEXLOGGER does not limit your lens choice. Any commercial, general-purpose lens can be used provided it conforms to C-mount specification.
Optimal shooting can be achieved at a cost to match application or subject.

Also extensible to industrial endoscope or microscopes

For example, the PLEXLOGGER can be fitted with an industrial endoscope.It is easy to take pictures of deep inside of equipment / equipment and observe under harsh environments such as waterproof, dustproof, heat resistant.

Also extensible to industrial microscopes

When used as a microscope, the PLEXLOGGER lets you check target objects at a magnification of up to approximately 4,200(*1), depending on the combination of lenses used. *1:Magnification when viewed on 7.5-inch monitor.

Lighting and related parts

Lamp power
108 W350,000 Lx or greater7,500 KAt 100mm
from target object. (φ10mm)
LED handy light
30 W4,500 Lx-At 1m from target object.

Battery unit

Pecifications for PLEXLOGGER battery unit

Battery operation time2 hours or longer (LCD lighting, recording and playing)
WeightApprox. 900 g
Charging timeApprox. 180 minutes
Battery cellLithium ion secondary battery (made in Japan)
Remaining battery level check functionDisplayed by LED
Guaranteed performance temperatures0 - 40°C
Operating humidity range20 - 80% (no condensation)
External dimensions210 (W) × 43.5 (H) × 177.9 (D) mm

Specifications of battery charger

Charging method2-channel successive charging method
WeightApprox. 800 g
External dimensions151 (W) × 70 (H) × 212 (D) mm

The battery needs to be charged on a separate charger.


  • Medium tripodHeight 308 mm - 1611 mm.
    3-way camera platform type.
  • Camera standIncludes casters.
    Movable while PLEXLOGGER main unit and lighting mounted.

Camera platform

  • Grip-type free-camera platformFree-camera platform with level.
  • XY table50 mm depth and 55 mm width. Minute adjustment possible.
  • Free angle armFor shooting in spaces where there is no room for a tripod.

Example set

Example set

Lens6 x zoom lens
LightingLED handy light
TripodMedium tripod
OtherCarrying bag