Feature Extensive trigger

PLEXLOGGER can automatically record phenomena that occur unpredictably using its extensive range of trigger functions.

Hmm! The automatic trigger allows operators to leave the system unattended.

Yes! The video and data can be seen before and after PLEXLOGGER is triggered!

Using button operations change in vodeo image, the external sensors using analog signals, and the control data from the device,PLEXLOGGER captures unexpected phenomena without fail.

Three data elements and automatic recording triggers
let you efficiently capture not only the definitive moment, but also what happens before and after it.

Automatic recording trigger

High-speed image or Sensor signal or Equipment and device control signal

Examples of automatic trigger functionality

  • Image triggerThe trigger is activated when the displacement in a preset area of the high speed video is exceeded.
  • Level triggerThe trigger is activated when the analog signal input level threshold exceeds a certain setting.
  • External signal triggerThe trigger is activated based on a combination of sensors and equipment or device control signals.
  • Pre-/post-trigger recordingVideo data and signal data is recorded before, during, and after the moment the trigger is activated.