Example use for analysis software ① Kinetic measurement function

By tracking a specified point, the application can measure parameters such as horizontal and verical displacement, speed, and accelaration.
Since the software can simultaneously track and analyze up to any points, you can also measure distance changes and angular velocity between two points.
The application can also overlay a plot of the tracking path and measurement results on an image.

Suspension behavior when a motorcycle rides over bumps

Example use for analysis software ② Wavelet analysis

The application can also display high speed image video and synchronized waveform data time variations as visual two-dimensional images.
Data converted into wavelets can also be converted into audio, facilitating verification and analysis from a more multifaceted perspective.
Used in combination with spectral analysis, the software allow simple, fast analysis to compare data when issues occur and identify causes

Non-contact analysis of a shaker

Example use for analysis software ③ Simultaneous playback and comment editing functionality

The application supports simultaneous playback,comparison,and verification of multiple videos, for example by representing two sets of conditions or pre-and post-improvement configurations.
The ability to easily add and edit comments for recorded videos is convenient when compiling reports, presentation materials, or other documentation.

Example use for analysis software④ Other analysis functions

  • Voltage level measurement Time measurement

  • Distance measurement
    Angle measurement

  • Fileblowser software

Operating environment

We recommend the following operating environments for PLEXLOGplusⅡ
Please note that we cannot guarantee its operation in other environments.

OSWindows Vista SP2 32/64bit
Windows 7 SP1 32/64bit
Windows 8/8.1 32/64bit
CPU2.0 GHz or higher
Memory1 GB or larger
Hard disk free space2.5 GB or larger
Monitor resolution1,280 x 1,024 or better