Feature Synchronous recording

Record high speed video with synchronized data waveforms.

Van you believe it?! It captures noy only video but also other analog signals.

Yes ! It synchronously records high-speed video and data wavesand replays or analyzes them immediately!

Event that cannot beobserved by the naked eye in development and production sites can be recorded synchronously as high-speed video and as other data waveforms such asvoltage,current,pressure, and vibrarion.

High-speed vide + 4chs of data(voltage, current, pressure, vibration)

Introducing completely synchronized recording of data logger data and high speed video by combining PLEXLOGGER with sensors

Despite strong demand for simultaneous analysis of high speed video and data waveforms (voltage, sound, vibration, etc.), implementation of this functionality requires a variety of equipment and expertise. At the same time, there has been dissatisfaction with the synchronization precision.
PLEXLOGGER provides an all-in-one solution for these concerns.
Since it can simultaneously record information that is not clear from video alone (voltage, sound, vibration, etc.), PLEXLOGGER dramatically improves the efficiency of evaluation, verification, troubleshooting, and other procedures.

You can simultaneously record high speed video and data
waveforms and then play them back and analyze them in the field.

Record high speed video at up to 100,000 fps. Most popular middle range class.
The video and data can be seen before and after PLEXLOGGER is triggerd. Using button operations change in vodeo image, the external sensors using analog signals, and the control data from the device,PLEXLOGGER captures unexpected phenomena without fail.

Video-image analysis―case studyAnalysis of the cause of gear noise

<Actual video>
<high speed camera + Datalogger

It was possible to confirm that the noise was generated when the gear hit the left side by synchronously recording the high speed video image and the data waveform using the noise meter and then checking the data on site.