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Yes! PLEXLOGGER features an all-in-one design that combines a high-speed camera with a data logger and monitor.

Since this compact, lightweight tool can also be set up in a moment, it offers exceptional mobility so that it can be used in large factories, domestic and overseas sites, and business partners' facilities.

Is it true that PLEXLOGGER can be used in noncontact analysis of temperature changes?Synchronized recording of thermographic video and analog signals.

If you switch camera heads, PLEXLOGGER can be used to generate synchronized recordings of thermographic video and analog signals. In this way, the instrument can be used in composite analysis of phenomena involving temperature variations that are invisible to the unaided eye in combination with sensor and control signal data.

  • Noncontact visualization of thermal phenomena (measurement of temperature variation and spread; measurement of the temperature of moving objects)
  • Analysis of the causal relationships characterizing temperature variations (voltage, current, etc.)
  • Analysis using synchronized sensor signals (temperature sensors, strain gauges, displacement gauges, etc.)

I guess it's impossible to make observations in confined spaces or inside equipment…C mount compatible Connect a wide range of commercially available lenses.

When you need to see inside a complex mechanism, PLEXLOGGER can be paired with an industrial endoscope. PLEXLOGGER uses a C mount for its camera head, allowing general-purpose, commercially available lenses to be attached for macro, wide-angle, and zoom imaging. In addition, PLEXLOGGER can be used with an industrial endoscope to film video in confined spaces or under harsh conditions where waterproof, dustproof, or heat-resistant performance is required.

What if I want to simultaneously record numerous analog signals?PLEXLOGGER can be used with HIOKI Memory HiCorders.

Although PLEXLOGGER can record four analog signals in its standard configuration, the instrument can also easily be used with HIOKI Memory HiCorders to record five or more signals. There's no need to use dedicated software for synchronized recording or to synchronize recorded data later. This approach allows PLEXLOGGER to record high-voltage signals or signals at high sampling rates.

*HIOKI Memory HiCorders are products of HIOKI E.E. CORPORATION.
*Contact Shinano Kenshi for more information about compatible models.

It's great to be able to simultaneously record video and signals from separate angles!Synchronize two PLEXLOGGERs

Two PLEXLOGGERs can be synchronized. The instruments can be used separately most of the time and then connected when you need to film from two angles (from separate angles, macro and wide-angle, pre- and post-processes, etc.), allowing for efficient use of the devices.
All PLEXLOGGER models are supported, so if you already have a PLEXLOGGER, you can synchronize a new instrument with your existing device. (You can also generate synchronized recordings of high-speed camera and thermographic video.)