Introducing the industry’s first multi-camera function that allows you to switch between a high speed camera and thermographic imaging head.

Simply switch camera heads to use PLEXLOGGER as a thermal camera.

Connect the optional thermal camera head to record synchronized thermographic imagery and data waveforms. You’ll be able to capture and analyze not only invisible moments, but also invisible phenomena.


Capture the moment anywhere with the optional battery unit!

Combine PLEXLOGGER with the battery unit to capture and analyze synchronized high speed video and waveform data whenever and wherever you need.

You can add an optional battery unit that will drive PLEXLOGGER for about two hours on a single charge.

PLEXLOGGER weighs just 2.7 kg with the battery unit attached.
The battery unit attaches easily to the bottom of the unit and does not increase its footprint. You’ll be able to capture and analyze imagery and data for about two hours in the field where power is not available.

Compact LED lighting system

This compact system does not need its own power supply.
With the battery unit and compact LED light, you’ll be able to use PLEXLOGGER anywhere.
“We can’t plug it in, so we can’t use it.”
“We need an instrument we can use even where there are no power outlets.”
“We need to use the instrument in a confined space.”
Now PLEXLOGGER meets these needs!

Example uses
Automobile driving tests (behavior of the engine mounts, suspension, brakes, etc.)
Product operation checks at delivery or field maintenance

Engine compartment

Compatibility with C-mount lenses maximizes expandability while keeping costs low.

The PLEXLOGGER works with an extensive range of lense.
You can use any commercially available, general-purpose C-mount lens with the PLEXLOGGER, ensuring your ability to capture optimal video at low cost by letting you custom-tailor your equipment to the application and target phenomenon.

PLEXLOGGER  can be expanded to serve as a microscope or industrial endoscope.

For example, the PLEXLOGGER can be fitted with an industrial endoscope.


When used as a microscope, the PLEXLOGGER lets you check target objests at a magnification of up to approximately 4,200 depending on the combination of lenses used.

Magnification when viewed on 7.5-inch monitor.

Multichannel expandability

By adding a Memory HiCorder (from HIOKI E.E. CORPORATION),
you can use PLEXLOGGER as a multichannel data logger capable of recording five or more channels of input.

This combination delivers dramatic visualization capability and efficiency for customers facing challenges in R&D, production engineering, or evaluation/verification work in the field, for example verifying automated production equipment, taking steps to address frequent line stoppages, analyzing the behavior of automobiles or industrial machinery, or conducting collision safety testing or drop testing.

  • 1.You can conduct detailed, composite analysis of imagery captured with PLEXLOGGER high speed video functionality along with waveform data gathered from measurement sensors with a Memory HiCorder (data logger) from HIOKI.
  • 2.By capturing data from the HIOKI Memory HiCorder with PLEXLOGGER, you can conduct composite analysis in the field, without using a computer.
  • 3.You can also use PLEXLOGplusⅡ, the analysis application that comes standard with PLEXLOGGER, on a computer to conduct composite analysis of simultaneously recorded data from both companies’ products.

Shinano Kenshi is proud to propose an easy-to-operate solution for synchronized recording and composite analysis of high speed camera video, and multichannel waveform data.

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Simultaneous recording in multiple directions.

PLEXLOGGER is capable of synchronously recording multiple images and analog signals by using several units.