Feature Small, light and easy

Streamline operations and reduction of man-hours
with PLEXLOGGER’s “Three Easies.”

What! Is it so light?

Yes! The weight of the main unit is only 2 kg!!
It can be easily carried and used as the user wishes!

It is as large as a notebook PC; this is revolutionary considering the sizes of conventional highly sensitive cameras.

- Easy to setup -
All-in-one-design means super-fast setup and breakdown.

High-speed camera + Data logger + Monitor = All-in-one solution First in the industry!

High-speed camera, Data logger, Monitor An all-in-one solution
And and then play them back and analyze them in the field.

- Easy to carry -
Weighs in at just 2 kg.
Take PLEXLOGGER wherever you need it, wherever you need it.

- Easy to operate -
Simple operation panel and operation