Efficient acquisition of
three data elements + recording trigger

  • Three data elements
  • Recording trigger

Synchronous recording and playing of
high-speed video image
and data waveforms as well as on-site analysis

This product is capable of high speed video capture at a maximum of 100,000 frames/second; this speed covers the middle range and enables the largest number of applications. It is also possible to check the video images and data immediately before and after recording is triggered. Button operation, changes in video images, various external sensors using 4ch analog signals (voltage, acceleration, vibration, sound, etc.), and signals from the control data of the monitored device can be used as the trigger. PLEXLOGGER will capture without fail any unexpected phenomenon.

analysis―case study
Analysis of the cause of gear noise

<Actual video>
<High speed camera + Datalogger

It was possible to confirm that the noise was generated when the gear hit the left side by synchronously recording the high speed video image and the data waveform using the noise meter and then checking the data on site.

You can see what you earlier could not!
Useful in various scenarios!

By combining the functions of our data logger, which includes a camera capable of capturing high speed video images and a logger, it is possible to obtain various data that would have been otherwise difficult to obtain.
PLEXLOGGER is useful in the following areas and scenarios.

In development sites

  • Advanced visualization will improve development speed dramatically.
  • It will be possible to share various data among concerned groups.
  • It will be possible to unearth the causes of certain problems.

In production sites

  • Site workers can actively use the device.
  • Man-hour required resolving problems can be reduced.
  • The effects of problem resolution and improvements can be checked.

Furthermore, the new problem-solving approach of
combining recorded video images and recorded data can be effectively used to resolve problems.

Capttured imageHigh-speed camera

  • Clogging, catching, jamming status
  • Falling, insertion failure status
  • Amplitude, resonance status
New product development
  • Tension, falling, impact, vibration, and rotation status
  • Spraying or injection status
  • high speed rotation
  • Coiling status of coil winding machine
  • NC lathe operation status
  • Blade deterioration analysis in cutting tools
  • Catching failure status
  • Falling, insertion failure status
  • Manual work by experienced workers

Recorded dataData logger

  • Acceleration
  • Temperature, humidity
  • Sound volume
  • Distortion
  • Current value
  • Angle gauge
  • Facility control signals
  • Facility error signals

Combine video imagery with recorded data to accommodate applications in a range of industries.

Example applications in jpg automotive industry
  1. Behavior at suspension compression
  2. Power window behavior
  3. Behavior during transmission rotation
  4. Shaft wobble and distortion
Example applications in the semiconductor industry
  1. Behavior during wire bonding
  2. Behavior of LEDs, LCDs, and other components
  3. Investigation of causes of nozzle suction or transport failures
  4. Behavior during solder melting
Example applications in the industrial equipment industry
  1. Verification or analysis as part of industrial robot development
  2. Behavior of cutting, drilling, and other machine tools
  3. Printer (paper supply, ejection, transport) behavior
  4. Verification of behavior during welding
Example applications at universities and in the research and development field
  1. Earthquake resistance and seismic isolation of buildings
  2. Research and development in the medical field (rehabilitation, etc.)
  3. Research and development focusing on materials and composition
  4. Research and development focusing on aviation and space