PLEXLOGGER solves the following problems!

Until now, a high speed camera, a data logger, and a monitor are set up and used separately;this requires enormous amounts of time and effort. In addition, each device obtains data separately, and thus organizing and analyzing the data consumes a significant amount of time, making such systems inefficient and creating additional problems for site workers.

Since the main unit is equipped with an 8-inch monitor, which allows viewing of the recorded images on any site,it is possible to discuss the cause of the problem on site. And small size and low weight (compactness) allow easy transfer and use.

  • PLEXLOGGER can be set up quickly.
  • Data can be obtained and analyzed immediately on site.

Since a high speed camera, a data logger, and a monitor are integrated into one device, installation and use are easy, leading to dramatic reduction in time and labor costs.

  • Not only video images but also analog data can be obtained synchronously.
  • PLEXLOGGER will allow you to view and analyze phenomena that would not be apparent using only a high speed camera.

PLEXLOGGER is capable of synchronously recording events that are invisible to the naked eye in development environments and production sites in the form of high speed video images and data waveforms such as voltage, current, pressure, and vibration, allowing on-site analysis of problems.

PLEXLOGGER allows you to see momentary events and high speed video images in slow motion; this feature can be of use in various fields such as automotives, precision machinery, and academic research. PLEXLOGGER is equipped with our proprietary highly sensitive camera head, eliminating the need for conventional large lighting devices and allowing quick installation.

Up to four channels of analog signals can be obtained using our product. Phenomena can be visually and synchronously associated with the video image.

External sensors, etc., capable of outputting data in terms of voltage values should be installed separately.

  • The integrated all-in-one data logger is light and small, allowing instantaneous setup and dismantling.
  • It is never troublesome to use the device; thus, its range of application is very wide.

The main unit weighs only 2 kg. Its revolutionary small size, similar to that of a notebook PC, unlike conventional highly sensitive cameras, allows it to be carried anywhere any time necessary.

  • PLEXLOGGER equipped with all the useful functions that can be used immediately on site is also affordable! PLEXLOGGER has a great cost performance!

Connected to a thermal camera head (option), the PLEXLOGGER can simultaneously record thermal images and data waveforms.
Now you can capture and analyze not only invisible moments, but also invisible phenomena.


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